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There are five basic reasons why you want our team to help prepare and write your private placement memorandum (PPM). The primary reason is we’re experts in this area; our staff has been writing investor PPM documents on behalf of private placement issuers for nearly 20 years, and in virtually all of the world’s global business hubs. Indeed, we have written several thousand private placement memorandums and related private offering documents for companies domiciled in more than 50 jurisdictions and dozens of countries worldwide.

If you company is considering raising capital for a private offering, a private placement memorandum or a prospectus is compulsory when soliciting accredited investors. Complying with securities rules and regulations as well as investor standards is the first step when approaching accredited or qualified investors for a capital infusion. Our team is operated by, the leading consulting firm in prospectus and private placement memorandum writing. Watch a video our team, or visit

Why a Private Placement Memorandum PPM?

A prerequisite for any company seeking to raise capital and grow their business will include the writing of the two most essential documents of their company:  a business plan and a private placement memorandum, also referred to as an offering memorandum or PPM for short. To attract accredited investors, venture capital and private equity firms, angels, and many other investor types, compelling documents are a must. The private placement memorandum will outline the type of security the issuer is offering in return for receiving capital. While the business plan will be detail the plan of action of the company, the PPM will detail the terms of the offering, or the deal itself. The PPM will highlight the key offering points to investors in the document (hence the term ‘offering memorandum’ or ‘private placement memorandum’).

Where We Operate

Our staff of consultants and securities attorneys are located in some of the world’s busiest cities for business development. While we have offices and teams in numerous cities – including New York, Seattle, London, Hong Kong, Dubai and others – we can assist issuers and companies in any location globally. If for any reason we need to be onsite for a project, such as for feasibility study preparation, our staff is well prepared to to meet your needs.

What is a Private Placement Memorandum?

A PPM or private placement memorandum is a disclosure document used to raise capital. A company issuing or selling securities such as stock or bonds would need to hand an investors a disclosure document in order to comply with securities rules. The private placement memorandum itself contains many features such as the terms of the offering, risk factors, management biographies, capitalization tables, tax implications for the investment and much more. The PPM is also a large contract of sorts as the final piece of the document is the subscription agreement. The subscription agreement is the agreement between the subscriber and the issuer. Once signed by the investor, he/she is now a subscriber and will be given the securities illustrated in the private placement offering memorandum. It is not uncommon for a PPM to be lengthy, sometimes hundreds of pages long, but often anywhere from 20 to 100 hundred pages.


cropped-favicon.jpgPrivate Placement Memorandum Characteristics

A private placement memorandum (PPM) is first and foremost a disclosure document. When a company seeks to raise capital it is required to clearly detail to investors what is being offered in return for funding. The PPM is such a document. The memorandum will detail the type of securities being offered, such as shares or bonds (equity or debt), the pay-out times, risk factors, and other important features.

The private placement memorandum is an opportunity to give investors a solid overview of a company’s current positioning vis-a-vis its products and market potential. While the PPM is also similar to a large agreement, there are many other factors within a PPM that distinguishes it from a basic contract. There are rules when selling securities within one’s state, province, or country, including to foreign investors. The PPM must address the regulations being utilized while approaching investors.


A private placement memorandum has one objective in mind: to raise capital in an efficient and legal way while protecting the issuers from investor grievances if the capital is lost at some point in the future. A private placement memorandum

  • Convey your positioning, company risks and opportunities in a professional document
  • Highlight your product and service positioning
  • Profile your management team, their experience and network
  • Disclose rules and regulations the company will abide by
  • Explain how investors will recoup initial investors, i.e. exit strategy

Raising Capital? Let Our Team Assist You on Your Journey: Our team can offer a full in-house package of document and consulting services, inclining with writing business plans, feasibility studies, offering documents of all types, and in nearly every jurisdictions globally.

Our company is known for being one of the most efficient consulting firms in the industry, with the most affordable pricing, with the fastest turnaround rates for completing projects. We have staff on the ground in some of the world’s most popular business hubs, assisting on a daily basis with the following services:

  • Public and Private Company Support
  • Prospectus writing and drafting
  • Preliminary and Final Prospectus writing
  • Offering Circulars and SEC filing
  • Private Placement Memorandum and Registration
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Feasibility Study Reports
  • Listing and Initial Public Offering Services (IPO)
  • Information Memorandum Writing and Registration
  • Explanatory Memorandum and Registration
  • Registration and Filing Services (S-1 Statements etc.)
  • Equity and Debt (144A/Reg S)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Networking
  • Crowdfunding, Reg A+ and Reg D
  • Company and Fund Formation Setup
  • Shareholder and Operating Agreement Writing
  • Securities Law and General Business Legal Advisory



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Prospectus LLC is the leading global firm assisting both private and public companies with document preparation and needed counsel. Our staff has assisted more than 5,000 companies globally with offering memorandum, business plans and prospectus writing services.

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Private Placement Memorandum and Registration Filing:

Our team assists issuers not only with writing their offering documents, but with filing and registration with various agencies in order to comply with selling securities or raising capital. We do this worldwide, navigating jurisdiction in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, South and North America.

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Hundreds of companies worldwide have signed up to our affiliate partnership program and outsource their work to us. We are considered the most efficient (fastest), cost effective and knowledgeable firm globally for writing offering memorandums. Join our team today.

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