Why You Need a Investor Relations Expert

June 03, 2017

The Need for a Seasoned Investor Relations Expert Cannot Be Discounted or Underestimated

  • All public companies need an investor relations guru.
  • Any private company that is seeking additional funding, exploring an initial public offering (IPO), in the process of an IPO or about to go public.

Why investor relations?

  • IR consultants compile a company’s financials and share them with financial analysts, underwriters and their syndicate, potential investors and eventual shareholders. They can also assist with earnings calls and written announcements.
  • The transition from privately held to publicly traded company can be more difficult than many executives realize. Having an expert to help chart the way through regulatory requirements, reporting and disclosures can make the process much smoother.

How does it work?

  • IR consultants work with the chief financial officer to ensure accurate and thorough reporting of a company’s financial records and results.
  • All briefs, regulatory filings and other related documents are prepared by the IR consultant and presented to the C-suite for approval. Once approved, the financials are then disseminated as needed.

Why hire an expert consultant?

  • Outsourcing this function to an experienced and objective consultant enables your company to bring expertise and perspective to an important function, while retaining that person at a cost-effective rate versus hiring someone to fill the role in-house on a full-time basis.
  • Consultants can quickly scale as needed versus an in-house hiring process that can take several months or more.

Where to find a qualified and seasoned investor relations expert?

According to former business news journalist and media industry veteran Ryan Gorman, “You want someone who has worked on behalf of a variety of clients and has worked on behalf of clients within the context of managing the messaging for start-ups raising funds through private placements, those in the ‘test the waters’ stage, IPO initiatives,  and similar corporate actions.” Added Gorman, “Most important, you want someone or perhaps a team that has streamlined this process and can achieve more impactful results faster than most in-house teams.”

investor-relations expert Ryan Gorman
Industry Expert Ryan Gorman

Ryan Gorman is a financial industry journalist-turned-media strategy expert whose 15 year experience includes providing brand messaging and investor relations communication services for a broad range of startups, financial and “fintech” firms, hedge funds and global banks. Ryan served as the senior PR / IR / Corporate Communications executive for a boutique investment bank. Ryan operates his own corporate communications boutique and is also a consultant to clients of Broker Dealer LLC’s PrivatePlacementMemorandum.com and PrivatePlacementMemorandum.com platforms

Ryan’s fluency and knowledge of corporate messaging best practices is based on prior senior journalist roles for Business Insider, AOL News, the (U.K.) Daily Mail, Wall Street Letter (a weekly trade publication with an online presence publishing stories daily), the New York Daily News and MicNews (formerly PolicyMic).

Previous to Ryan’s business journalism career, he spent over four years working for global investment banks UBS and Bank of New York Mellon; roles that included his working in PacRim offices for those respective banks.

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