Bellevue Feasibility Study

Bellevue Feasibility Study

Our team writes feasibility studies for virtually all industries. We assist companies worldwide with top rated market, economic and real estate feasibility studies. Our consultants consist of seasoned industry professionals, including business plan and financial specialists, attorneys and field experts. If your company is seeking to develop a project or launch a product in the market and needs a third party professional firm to assist, Prospectus LLC’s staff can write your feasibility study in a cost effective and time saving manner. Our company is a subsidiary of Prospectus LLC, the world leader in prospectus, offering memorandum documents and feasibility studies and business plan writing and consulting.

Our staff writes feasibility studies for companies throughout the world, including in cities such as Bellevue. A feasibility study is undertaken to ensure that a company’s business model or its products are a viable fit in the market, or to ascertain the costs associated with creating the product or service, including for real estate developments. A feasibility study may include information such as the overall market, demographics, zoning laws, water rights, environmental impact, traffic elements and many other features depending on the type of project. Feasibility reports are also long on financials. From the ROI, to the cash flow and budget statements, a feasibility study is supposed to let the directors of the company know the costs and potential profitability of the project.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the most up to date and accurate feasibility study be created for each client. Each study is custom written for the project at hand and ensures we comply with the client’s needs.

Different Types of Feasibility Studies

There are numerous types of feasibility studies. The kind of study a company may require would be dictated by the project and the industry operated in. Our firm can assist with virtually any feasibility study in the market today. Here are some of the most popular feasibility reports that we work on.

Four Most Common Feasibility Studies  

  • Real Estate Feasibility – Real estate feasibility studies are some of the most popular feasibility reports created anywhere. From new constuction development projects to demolition, zoning rules, permits, land surveys, traffic and utilities and much more all fall under the real estate feasibility heading. Our team can assist with any real estate development project and conduct a thorough investigation of the venture and the market opportunities and threats. Single family homes, condos, residential real estate, commercial real estate such as buildings, and even schools require feasibility studies before allocating large sums of capital for the project.
  • Comprehensive Feasibility– A comprehensive feasibility study is considered an all-encompassing picture of the overall project. Cultural impact is taken into consideration, such as the number of units to be added, which would translate into how many children would be new to the area and the addition to the public-school system, including transportation needs and more. That is just one aspect of the comprehensive feasibility study.  The comprehensive feasibility study is also referenced in the real estate feasibility study (see above) and together with the real estate report is the most popular feasibility study we offer.
  • Financial Economic Feasibility– An economic feasibility study is written when a company needs to know the overall costs associated with the project. The financial projects and the ROI will be a large part of this feasibility study. In addition, an economic feasibility study will breakdown the profit and loss for the launch of a new product in the market and the impact it would have on the existing business.
  • Market Feasibility– A market feasibility study will breakdown the product or services target market, including demographics, market trends, product testing and updating, both locally and nationally, if relevant, and globally as well. A market feasibility study should give a clear picture of the market potential on a global scale and the impact the product or services may have.

 Additional Feasibility Studies

Aside from the most common feasibility studies listed above, which our company has assisted many with, there are numerous other feasibility studies that are not as well known that we help with as well:

 Technical Feasibility– A technical feasibility study will answer whether a company has the technology to accomplish its goals, or to recommend the technology they can buy or lease.

  • Schedule Feasibility-A scheduled feasibility study will answer the question as to whether there is sufficient time to undertake and finish the project.
  • Cultural Feasibility-A cultural feasibility study will ascertain the societal and cultural influence of the project. Museums may fall under this category as well.
  • Legal and Ethical Feasibility– A legal or ethical feasibility study would determine the ethical and legal implications of a given project, whether it is legal or morally justified.
  • Resource Feasibility-A resource feasibility study would determine the necessary resources, i.e. wood, water, etc, to successfully accomplish the project.
  • Operational Feasibility– In an operational feasibility study the company is set to understand what the risks and difficulties associated with completing a project.

 Why Write a Feasibility Study?

The writing of solid feasibility study is one of the most important items a company should create prior to allocating capital, especially for a Bellevue based project. The point of a feasibility study is to determine if a project or product is viable to undertake, or whether the statistics and market data from the report determine that the business will not make a profit.

What Our Team Can Do

Our staff at Prospectus LLC has the global experience to write any feasibility study. Below are some features of our feasibility report process. This is not a comprehensive list but this should give one a general idea of our capabilities.


  • Initial analysis of your project
  • Recommendation on next course of action
  • Undertake the project

Information assessment and collection

  • Initial analysis of the proposed development area, including the initial demographics
  • Conduct land or site review
  • Proposed construction and development costs

Market analysis

  • Demographic analysis of proposed area
  • Neighborhood analysis
  • Demographic comparison
  • Municipal incentives
  • National market overview
  • Analysis of similar project or developments
  • Regional market analysis
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Competitive advantages of project or location
  • Disadvantages of project or location
  • Projected overall market
  • Pricing analysis
  • Purchases or occupancy
  • Interviews if needed
  • Financial analysis

Management summary

  • Principals
  • Advisors
  • Third party team, i.e. law firm, accountant etc.

Financial Statements and Projections

  • Pro forma
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Profit and loss


Appendixes and Addendum

When we complete the feasibility study we will send for comments and revision.

One Stop Shop

Our team has been involved in scores of feasibility study projects worldwide. Many refer to our company as a one stop shop, as we can assist companies from the initial phase of the business plan, to the prospectus and capital raising aspects, to the feasibility study, all the way to the exit or even the IPO of the company.  Hundreds of firms outsource all types of work to our company, including feasibility studies as our time frame is faster than most, our fees are less, and our work is superior.  The success of our clients is our number one goal. A well written, researched feasibility study that gives our clients the tools to make an educated decision is what we strive for.

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