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Here at Prospectus LLC, our team can aid in your company’s EB5 plan at any stage in the process. The EB5 program is most popular among businesses that want to raise foreign capital within construction or land development. This program allows investors from around the world to devote their funds to a company based in the United States. Usually, the minimal amount is $500,000, and compliance with this program will also grant any foreign investor a green card and living rights within the US for a pre-determined amount of time. Most often, this time frame is five years. Prospectus LLC has aided in the development of EB5 projects since the program was first passed through congress. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure that you and your company will comply with EB5 requirements.

EB5 History

In 1990, congress designed the EB-5 program to decrease unemployment and spur economic growth by allowing domestic companies to receive money from foreign investors. In exchange for the received funding, the international investors would be issued a green card and they would be allowed to live within the United States with their families for a specified number of years. A company can raise capital under the EB-5 program if they meet the following requirements:

  • The international investors will infuse their funds into a company based in the US. On a side note, EB5 is most popular for the real estate development market.
  • The businesses that receive capital must generate and preserve at least ten full time jobs, in perpetuity, for US citizens.

The team at Prospectus LLC can help with any and all requirements for EB5 solutions. The following provides a list of aspects that is defined as an EB5 complete solution:

  1. An EB5 Business Plan
  2. An EB5 Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
  3. Specific Econometric Study
  4. Generic Econometric Study
  5. Investors Website Development (brochures, software tracking for employment and other smaller features)
  6. The possible identification of foreign investors for your project

Our team has plenty of experience with developing and preparing EB5 projects. Below are some of the larger aspects of the program that we have helped with. This happens to be an all-inclusive operation.

  • Business Plan: For an EB5 project to succeed, a well-written, comprehensive business plan is needed. It is necessary to have this document because it mostly acts as a guiding template for the project. In addition, the prospective investors will definitely want to inspect a business plan to ensure a worthwhile company. In the plan, there will be a detailed account of the project’s plans and objectives, and the EB5 USCIS agents will make sure that content is all-inclusive so that the document as a whole makes sense and contains all the necessary information.
  • Private Placement Memorandum: The drafting of an attractive, structured, and thorough PPM is required to be submitted to the USCIS. Additionally, normal aspects of a PPM like the investor questionnaire and the subscription agreement will need to be constructed for any prospective investor to read. All of this are requisites for approval from a regional center.
  • Escrow Agreement: The team at Prospectus LLC will draft your company’s escros agreement. If you want to be approved by a regional center, this document must be issued and sent there.
  • Specific Econometric Study: To comply with the standards of the USCIS, an econometric study must be conducted and completed in a well-structured document. This will be done with a partnership with the appropriate regional center.
  • Generic Econometric Study: Aside from the specific study, a generic econometric study must be conducted for the regional center, and approved by them as well.
  • Investor Website Development: In addition to the previous services, Prospectus LLC will also help create a website that will provide such details as the project’s features, the business itself, biographies of the management executives, EB5 resources, and much more.

If your business desires to launch a US based project, whether that be in the industry of technology, real estate, or anything else, and wishes to raise foreign capital in compliance with EB5, Prospectus LLC can successfully assist you in anything you may need. Please contact us for a free consultation, and we will assist you right away.


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