Rule 144A

Rule 144A

What Prospectus LLC Can Do

The team at Prospectus LLC is experienced in 144A offering. Rule 144A is used quite often to raise capital by companies who do not register their securities with the SEC. The raising of capital using this rule totals nearly a trillion dollars every year.

Rule 144A?

Rule 144A allows for the trading of unregistered securities between qualified institutional investors. In addition, the transaction of unregistered securities between those qualified does not need to be reported either. Investors who are allowed to trade under this rule are usually experienced and recognized; normally, they have a net worth of $100 million or more in assets. Another facet of this SEC rule is that securities created under Rule 144A can only be sold to investors in the United States.

When an entity begins to sell securities under this rule, it is imperative that they only sell to qualified buyers (QIBs). To raise capital under Rule 144A, companies mainly use an offering memorandum or a prospectus. The practice of using these documents to raise capital under this this rule is worldwide. In order to legally engage in the selling of securities under 144A, the prospectus or offering memorandum must be submitted to a certified depository (Clearstream, Euroclear) for the purpose of settling and clearing.

What We Do

Prospectus LLC can help you with the issuance of debt or equity under Rule 144A in the following ways.

  1. The team at Prospectus LLC will analyze your business model to make sure that your company can issue securities under Rule 144A. We will also take a look at the securities you want to issue and check that they qualify under the requirements. Our free consultation will save you time and money as your business goes through the Rule 144A procedure.
  2. com will ensure that your company meets all the requirements under Rule 144A. As a result, your business will be qualified for a 144A offering. Our process includes the creation of a 144A prospectus or memorandum. We will also provide additional, necessary documentation that includes obtaining a proper securities identification number, trust indentures, subscription agreements and more.

144A Bond Offerings

Our team can also assist with bond offerings under 144A. Most importantly, we can assist with the formulation of a bond offering memorandum or prospectus. Prospectus LLC will help create and outline the issuer’s terms, maturity date, interest rate, legal information, subscription agreement, risk factors, and more. These offerings under Rule 144A are also conducted along Regulation S guidelines. Regulation S allows the sale of securities to persons outside the United States, in contrast to Rule 144A which only allows sales to US investors. The market for raising capital under 144A consists almost entirely of bond offerings while the rest are equity. Here at Prospectus LLC, we can help you meet all of your requirements under 144A, whether you want to issue bonds or stocks.

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Rule 144A

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Rule 144A

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