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Shelf Prospectus

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The shelf prospectus is a form of an offering document that is required under regulation by the SEC. Further, it must be filed with a proper federal securities regulator as well as a state financial regulator. This type of prospectus, like all other offering documents, discloses pertinent details about a company’s issuance of debt or equity meant to be read by certain qualified investors, institutions, or the public (retail investors). The difference between a standard and shelf prospectus is that a shelf prospectus allows the issuer to sell its securities to the public without having to write a new offering document for each separate issuance. As a result, only one shelf prospectus needs to be written for any number of offerings that may occur in the future.

When it comes to prospectuses, there are many different versions. Initially, there is the first prospectus draft that is known as the draft red herring prospectus, or DHRP. The final version of a prospectus is logically referred to as the Final Prospectus which can also be called the Offering Circular or Statutory Prospectus. A less common form of a prospectus is the Shelf Prospectus.

Prospectus LLC’s experienced staff can assist you with any needs you may have regarding the formulation of any offering document, whether that be a prospectus, a PPM, or an offering memorandum.

Shelf and Selling Securities

For any issuer looking to raise capital through the issuance of debt or equity, a well-written and persuasive prospectus is necessary to appeal to the public markets. Not only will a prospectus help you obtain funding, but it will also bring added protection from any future complications. In addition, it also adds a clear picture of your company from the types of securities you want to issue, to biographies about the management team. It also includes market conditions and risks, all relevant information that a potential investor would find useful. The last part of the document contains the subscription agreement which provides a contract between the business that issued the prospectus and the investor interested in buying the securities. Properly formed shelf prospectuses will often be utilized for more than one offering to the public.

While the main purpose of a shelf prospectus is to provide information meant to attract investors, it can also create additional value to a company’s operations if it is well-written, concise, and clear. A proper shelf prospectus shows potential investors that the company is professional while assuring them that they are complying with regulations and positive practices. Without this document, it is improbable that a company will successfully raise capital at the desired level.

We have written a large number of shelf prospectuses over the years for many varying businesses and industries. Prospectus LLC can help ensure that your documents are attractive to investors, and that they properly follow rules and regulations. We work in unison with clients during the formulation of shelf prospectuses, and we will do everything in our power to assist you in your journey to the successful raising of capital.

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Shelf Prospectus

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Shelf Prospectus

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