Partnership Program

Partnership Program – Become a Prospectus LLC Referral Partner

Earn an Extra Income by Becoming an affiliate partner of Prospectus LLC today by joining our strategic alliance referral network.

Joining our affiliate program and creating a strategic alliance with our firm has never been easier or more rewarding.  Over the years, we have grown our affiliate referral network to include more than 500 professional service firms, independent consultants,  law firms and accounting firms. Many of our partners outsource prospectus writing services along with the filing and registration of required forms with various regulators worldwide to us. We are considered to be the most efficient, cost effective prospectus writers in the public and private placement industry. Indeed, many law firms and companies utilize our resources for stock exchange listings, private placement offering memorandum and business plan writing services and general legal work relating to public and private offerings.  We also focus on private and public debt issuance such as 144A and Reg S notes, offering circulars, information and explanatory memorandums, hedge fund and mutual fund assistance and more.

Globally, hundreds of businesses from a wide span of industries rely on Prospectus LLC for solid prospectus development. We are also available to provide honest assessment regarding our partners’ projects, including feasibility, capital sourcing, and review of offering memoranda and other offering documents. Our affiliate partners value our reputation for reliable and straightforward services provided with meticulous attention to detail, time constraints and budgets.

Fee-Based Partnerships

Hundreds of companies worldwide – from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Riyadh to London – have opted to use Prospectus LLC as their exclusive clearinghouse for their prospectus writing and offering memorandum requirements. Most pass through the costs to their own clients at traditional rates for prospectus development. Our fees are significantly lower than alternative services.

Commission-Based Partnerships

Many in our affiliate program opt for a percentage-based commission payment. For document drafting or other services, a good number of our partners refer clients to Prospectus LLC in exchange for a per-determined percentage of overall fees of development costs. If capital networking yields results, a percentage of the proceeds can be shared as well.

Become an Affiliate Partner

  1. Ask us about our Affiliate Partnership program.
  2. Ask for our Affiliate Partnership Agreement for review.
  3. Sign our Agreement and become our partner.
  4. Begin sending us projects to receive a quotes.
  5. We send a work agreement for the client (or you). If everyone agrees to the terms, we move forward with the work.
  6. Once we receive payment we send you the referral fee either in the same day or within 24 hours (if no pass through costs are undertaken).

It’s that easy.

Prospectus LLC

Prospectus LLC has been an industry leader in prospectus, offering circular and offering memorandum writing for over 15 years. We work directly with companies to create a professional, thorough prospectus offering documents that are carefully structured to provide you with the best chance at attracting capital.


Prospectus LLC team of experienced of consultants, lawyers and industry investment professionals have provided prospectus and capital raising assistance to thousands of companies across multiple industries.

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Partnership Program – Become a Prospectus LLC Referral Partner

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