Here at Prospectus LLC, we specialize in PPM writing. PPM stands for private placement memorandum, an essential document that companies use to raise funds in the form of debt or equity securities. After 15 years of writing PPMs, we have participated in thousands of private placements. There isn’t a firm across the globe that is as well-versed in the preparation of these documents. The PPM includes essential information for the prospective investor. This includes financial statements, how the company operates, management profiles, risk factors and other pertinent facts.

What is the benefit of a PPM?

The PPM is the one tool that will get you capital from investors. It is an absolute necessity for small businesses wishing to expand. Although this document provides benefits in many areas, there are three main reasons as to why it is essential:

  1. A company is legally required to give documented, relevant information to its investors.
  2. The disclosure of relevant risk factors helps to protect the company from potential lawsuits regarding the issued securities.
  3. Developing a PPM shows professionalism, and it gives a great first impression to prospective investors.

Aside from these beneficial properties, the drafting of a PPM is actually required by the SEC. The importance of this document to a business and its management cannot be overstated. Not only does it protect managing officers from investor lawsuits (if the company doesn’t perform well), but it also is the most important tool to raise capital.

How Prospectus LLC Can Help

The team at Prospectus LLC is experienced in the creation of PPM for almost all industries across the globe which include financial technology, real estate, alternative energy, consumer products, hotels and resorts, and a diverse array of others. We have extensive experience writing these documents for businesses of all sizes. From startups, to large corporations seeking funding for a wide range of endeavors, our team has all the necessary tools to get your company the capital it needs.

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