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The team at Prospectus LLC can write your hedge or mutual fund prospectus for any jurisdiction across the world. Our team is acknowledged as the most productive competent across the globe when it comes to these kinds of offering documents.

Some of our services include the registering of all documents with the proper regulators, and the actual commencement of the fund, whether that be hedge or mutual. Our specialty lies with the drafting of any offering documents for your fund, whether that be a prospectus, an offering memorandum or a private placement memorandum (PPM). Prospectus LLC can write these documents for virtually any offshore/onshore jurisdiction, and for any fund offering, LP, LLP, LLC, open/closed end funds, and many more.

The documents that we draft are all in accordance with standard practices in the industry, and they are used to raise capital by hundreds of law firms, hedge funds, and mutual funds.

A few details about our fund offering documents are as follows:

* Good for LP or LLLP Hedge Fund Private Placement Memorandum
* Good for LLC Hedge Fund Private Placement Memorandum
* Includes Hedge Fund Subscription Agreement
* Includes Hedge Fund Investor Questionnaire
* Exemption under Section 3(c)(1) of the Act
* Includes Hedge Fund Term Sheet
* Industry Standard Format
* Includes updated SEC Accredited Investors Rules

Hedge Fund Definition

The basic operations of a hedge fund are the following. The fund borrows money from relatively wealthy investors, and then they reinvest those funds in securities that are usually somewhat risky and short-term. Hedge funds usually take the structure of a limited partnership (LP), and they can be based in a variety of places. They can be onshore, in China, England, or the US, or they can be offshore on an island or somewhere else international. Those who invest in hedge funds are often diverse. The fund itself executes a number of different investing strategies. These strategies are often diverse and somewhat complicated. Advanced strategies such as these are employed to “hedge” investments; this is a common practice among hedge funds. The amount of securities that a hedge fund holds on to can be either short or long term, depending on the fund and its strategies. The situation, and the currency amount invested, can lead to very high profit margins, or it can lead to a disaster.

Hedge Fund Structure

For the most part, hedge funds are structured as a limited partnership, also known as an LP, a private investment partnership, or an LLP. Because of this specific type of structure, these funds aren’t allowed to have as many investors as they want. As a result, their offering will only allow a certain number of investors. This offering will usually be issued via an offering memorandum or a private placement memorandum. When a fund only allows a few investors, there may be some negative connotations associated with the fund. To counter these sentiments, the fund will state in its prospectus that each investor will have to put up a large amount of capital to participate in the fund and its investment strategies. For example, take a hedge fund that states in its memorandum that it wants to raise $200 million in funding. As a result, they may make it a requirement for each investor to give a minimum of $2 million dollars. Traditionally, a hedge fund remains illiquid which means that an investment in one will remain in the fund for an extended amount of time, like one or two years, before the investor will be able to take his or her capital out of the fund.

Sophisticated Investors for a Hedge Fund Private Placement

For the most part, hedge funds are not regulated. This is the case because hedge funds are not open to the average investor, instead they target the “sophisticated investor.” To be able to invest in a hedge fund, one must be accredited. This is the terminology in the United States, such investors in Europe are known as “experienced investors.” Such investors must have a certain amount of capital while also having enough experience and knowledge of investment in the financial world. ‘Hedging’ an investment simply means that the fund is trying to expand profits while lowering the amount of risk. At the same time, they aim to do this at a faster pace, unlike a mutual fund which aims at a longer term investment and its benefits. As a result, the accredited investors that take part in a hedge fund must have a set of knowledge about the industry. Prospectus LLC makes sure that the offering documents we create for hedge funds contain all the proper terminology and standards that would attract accredited and sophisticated investors.

The team at Prospectus LLC has extensive experience working with hedge funds across the globe and drafting their offering documents. We write comprehensive, well-written, and attractive hedge fund memoranda. Please contact us with any questions, or feel free to sign up for a free consultation.

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