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Investment Fund Formation

Prospectus LLC, a subsidiary of Broker Dealer LLC, is a global consultancy that specializes in investment fund formation and fund set-up for investment managers advancing domestic and international investment funds that focus on equities, debt, commodities, currencies, real estate, private equity initiatives and global macro strategies. Our team is comprised of securities industry veterans, who bring a wide range of skills and bespoke guidance to fund managers. Our expertise extends to the structuring, expansion, and regulatory compliance of privately-managed investment and alternative investment schemes. After formation, we can continue to meet for consultation to ensure the continued health of your hedge or mutual fund. Some of the aspects that we can assist with include the actual structuring of your fund, the type, the location of the fund, and the overall goal and strategy. In addition, we can also help with identifying qualified investors, and when applicable, facilitating introduction to accredited investors, institutional investors and broker dealers that may be able to further assist in the offering.

Processing of Subscriptions and Redemptions

Prospectus LLC’s fund team can successfully complete critical tasks during the formation of the fund. We provide comprehensive assistance in the creation of offering documents, such as the prospectus and private placement memorandum. We can also draft limited partnership agreements and investor subscription agreements. Our team ensures that all offering documents are well-written, thorough, compelling to investors, and comply with all relevant U.S. SEC regulations as well as securities regulations pertinent to the domicile of the fund and jurisdictions in which investors in the fund are domiciled. In addition to these services, we can also administer fund redemptions and subscriptions.


We can help with regulatory and compliance pre-requisites for funds across the globe, including the United States, Europe, Asia and anywhere else. Prospectus LLC’s attorneys will make sure that your fund documents meet the requirements for any regulatory body in any country. This includes the United Kingdom’s FCA, the SEC, and many others.

Electronic Filing

One of our specialties is the drafting and submission of offering documents. We offer the electronic filing of these documents whether it be on a monthly or a yearly basis. We can also file them whenever they are needed, this is particularly referring to Rule 15c3.

Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund and Fund of Funds Services

Here at Prospectus LLC, our team has a tremendous amount of experience helping with the formation and subsequent services of all types of funds, such as hedge funds, mutual funds, and funds of funds. While this includes the creation and filing of offering documents, it also includes the following services:

  • Fund setup per industry standards
  • Utilize our legal counsel for either onshore or offshore fund information
  • Draft/edit offering memorandum or prospectus
  • Draft partnership agreements, resolutions, other agreements
  • Take the lead on the initial subscriptions and redemptions
  • Ensure regulatory filing requirements are met

We can also assist with listing your fund with a Stock Exchange, including Cayman Islands (CSX), Hong Kong (HKEX), Bermuda (BSX) London (LSE), Frankfurt, Berlin, NASDAQ, NYSE, Singapore (SGX), Australia (ASX) and many others.

Private Equity Funds

We assist in the creation or expansion of private equity funds. Our team consists of consultants for the private equity market, and our network in thes field is considerable. Prospectus LLC has experience in the creation and growth of funds in the following markets: real estate, venture capitalist, and general investment equity.

Leverage our Technology

Here at Prospectus LLC, we can provide some investor networking for both fledgling funds and well-established ones. We have an excellent system, unrivaled on the internet, for any and all companies wanting to obtain funding or network. Prospectus LLC also runs other online sites that can help in networking, such as and Our extensive network in the financial markets allows us to give our clients access to many different investors and institutions while on the hunt for capital.

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Investment Fund Formation Services – Fund Setup

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