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About Private Placement Memorandum –Meet Our Team of Investor Offering Memorandum Writing Experts

The Prospectus LLC team team is led by accomplished serial entrepreneurs and former investment bank corporate finance executives who are fluent in private placement memorandum best practices. Our team members have been directly responsible for and/or credited with the launch of multiple start-up companies across a broad spectrum of industries as well as the equity and debt funding of established public and private companies operating in an equally broad spectrum of industry sectors. With this pedigree, Prospectus LLC is a recognized thought-leader in both public and private placement offerings.

Prospectus LLC is designed to provide start-ups and later stage companies the ability to work with experienced capital markets and investment industry veterans who are fluent in capital formation best practices and experts in preparing regulatory-compliant investor offering memorandum documents. The documents we prepare for Issuers of securities are typically required by institutional investors, high net worth investors (HNW), angel investors, Venture Capital and Private Equity fund managers, as well as relevant securities industry regulators. Co-located in the epicenter of New York City’s financial district and Seattle, WA, we also maintain affiliate offices in the world’s leading major financial hubs, including Hong Kong, London, Australia, Tel Aviv and Singapore. Each of our in-house team and members of our captive consulting network bring years of capital markets, banking, legal and consulting skills that are critical throughout the course of business plan creation and investor offering document preparation. We have one goal: to enable the capital raising initiatives of our clients.

We subscribe to advancing a consultative approach in every engagement; we work with clients in a collaborative manner and provide a high-touch support system that has been embraced by multiple “emerging companies” operating across the spectrum of industries around the world.

Our most sought-after services include the writing of prospectus documents for either public or private offerings sponsored by funds of all kinds and general corporations. In addition to our core capability vis a vie offering prospectus document preparation, we provide securities offering registration and regulatory filing services for private and public companies, offering memorandum (OM) and private placement memorandum (PPM) writing services, guidance with regard to merger and acquisition (”M&A”) activities, real estate development assistance, feasibility study writing and general finance and hedge fund services.

Our Offering Memorandum Team of Investor Document Preparation Experts

Prospectus LLC team of business consultants, business plan writers, securities attorneys, investment banking and capital markets professionals have assisted tens of hundreds of companies in their capital raising campaigns and that help has led to the growth of their respective business models. Whether engaged to administer corporate formation documents, preliminary offering memorandum document preparation, final offering prospectus (OP), as well as other investor offering documents, our team of professionals can provide assistance to entrepreneurs and corporate offices throughout the business life cycle. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service with the greatest degree of integrity, and project deliverables that meet the needs of the most time-sensitive clients. For company executives who keep a close eye and tight reign on budgets, rest assured that fees for services we provide are typically a fraction of the fees proposed by typical service providers and securities law firms that offer competing services. Because our fees are so ‘competitively aggressive’,  our affiliate-referral program has been warmly embraced by law firms, accounting firms and business advisors who represent start-ups, private middle-market companies and leading public corporations, each of which outsource their investor documentation and offering memorandum writing work through us.


Prospectus LLC team of seasoned financial industry professionals, including securities lawyers, business strategy consultants and corporate finance experts. Nearly every member of our in-house and consultant team have previously worked for many of the world’s most recognized investment banks. The same individuals, and others on our team have started or led private entrepreneurial ventures. This pedigree of knowledge, experience and prior success provides our clients with a unique perspective in the course of their advancing innovative, disruptive and/or game changing businesses.

Custom Document Preparation

Prospectus LLC team embraces a bespoke approach; we customize each investor offering document to fully-address the needs of our clients. This approach leads to the most efficient output. Because each fund or company is unique, we tailor our services to meet your needs. Our Offering Prospectus document preparation approach will vary, depending the structure of the offering (public vs private offering and/or equity vs debt). We take into consideration your company’s product or service, your targeted investor audience, your geographic location, your industry, your marketing and business strategy and the amount of capital being sought.

Corporate Finance | Capital Acquisition | Capital Formation Assistance

The Prospectus LLC team maintains first-degree relationships with those who are dedicated to bridging capital raising companies with private investors, institutional investors and specialty investment managers in most parts of the globe. We also offer self-directed tools via our industry-standard broker dealer assistance platform www.brokerdealer.com and the global crowdfunding search directory  www.raisemoney.com; both managed by Prospectus LLC staff. Our team recognizes the challenges faced when raising capital and navigating the various rules and regulations worldwide while undertaking a capital infusion. Our knowledge of and into the equity and debt worlds, both in the private placement and public spheres, is often a crucial asset for company founders and senior corporate executives who are otherwise focused on legal, compliance, business development and sales/marketing campaigns. We do all we can to assist our clients with capital raising networking and investor leads.


Prospectus LLC affiliate-referral program is becoming one of the largest independent corporate finance professional networking and collaboration platform for law firms, broker-dealers, business development professionals, business brokers, boutique investment banks and general practitioners in the public and private securities market. Each of these professional profiles have aligned with our team and our resources.  Hundreds of firms outsource their offering prospectus document preparation, business plan writing and related professional business documents needs to our finance industry experts. This business process outsourcing (BPO) approach minimizes client engagement costs and fees, and helps the outsourcing firm to depend on Prospectus LLC for peace of mind. Affiliate partners and referring partners know that Prospectus LLC is integrity-rich, reliable and more than capable to meet and exceed end client expectations.

Personal, Friendly and to the Point

Our team’s primary focus is enabling the success of our clients and the career success of professional services providers who align with Prospectus LLC. We strive to ensure a strong and enduring relationship that extends across all stages of a business life cycle, from initial seed investment to private placement offering to initial public offering (IPO). We are also positioned to provide guidance with regard to a corporate event that leads to the acquisition of the client’s company.

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