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Our team of business and legal consultants and investment banking and corporate finance professionals have helped thousands of companies worldwide achieve their capital formation goals. Our seasoned management team has 100+ years combined experience in broad senior leadership roles in the financial service and investment banking spheres.  Our team’s respective pedigrees enable us to effectively assist our clients with their capital raising documents and overall business strategies. Aside from assisting with prospectus and other offering memorandum securities documents our firm offers numerous critical services and networking for entrepreneurs to scale up their business initiatives. We take pride in our firm’s ability to deliver the highest quality service with and the highest standards of work ethic.

Paul Azous

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Paul is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of  For over 15 years Paul has assisted companies launch their businesses, including developing their financial and business models, as well as conducting company valuations, assisted with debt or equity offerings and general business consulting for startup and later stage companies. He has assisted more than 5,000 companies with their business plans, offering documents and related services worldwide, spanning a wide spectrum of industries in over 50 countries.

Paul is the Founder and CEO of numerous financial and consulting ventures, including and, among many others, all of which assist startups and later stage companies with their business needs. He has assisted companies with such diverse product offerings that range from underwater hotel developments in the South Pacific Ocean to space debris collection technology outside the Earth’s atmosphere. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. From the planning of one’s business to the drafting of the company’s documents to investors resources, these isn’t an aspect of Paul’s daily business life that doesn’t surround assisting entrepreneurs.

Paul is also the Chairman and Co-Founder of, aka Business Plans Without Borders, a 501c3 non profit organization that assists low income families, refugees and immigrants with business plan writing services and seed grants to start a business.   He is active in various charity and community organizations where he sits on numerous boards of directors for both private companies and non-profit organizations.

Paul is first and foremost a student of history and writer. He is the author of two books.


Steven Chow

Director | Chief Strategic Officer

Business Development,  China

Steven is a noted business development expert. Although trained as an attorney in international trade and business development in China, Steve also specializes in 144-A offerings – mainly in the debt sphere – as well as general private placement writing, real estate transactions and precious metals (for 144A). Steven also works in the real estate private placement sector and helps companies and firms develop real estate proposals for as well as assists with China based investors. Steven is tied into the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China. His contacts and networking experience in the Chinese hi-tech and real estate market, including venture capitalists, has been a valuable asset for Prospectus. He has successfully structured and negotiated mergers and acquisitions and general stock sales for both expanding start-ups and later stage companies. Steven is also contributing columnist for Alrroya, the leading business daily in Dubai, UAE, where he writes on economics, trade and marketing issues regarding China. Steven also spends a significant amount of his time volunteering for all sorts of causes, and greatly enjoys mentoring young start-up companies.

Bob Mahdavi

CTO - CCO | Chief Tech & Consulting Officer

Bob is a grass roots social entrepreneur. For over 15 years, Bob has both consulted for both startup and later stage companies and started several of his own successful businesses. As a member of Prospectus management team, Bob has extensive experience in the technology industry, from management, business, and project development, to customer relations in the United States and beyond. He shares in the philosophy of providing top-quality products and services tailored to his clients’ specific needs, in accordance with proven best practices and the highest ethical standards. Robert measures his success on helping others. As head of product and marketing strategy for Prospectus, which includes assisting with business plan writing, 144A/Reg S offerings and much more, Bob and his team help define strategy and execute needed services.

Bob is also a recognized and often consulted authority on search engine optimization (seo) and data mining forensics (or knowledge discovery) for strategic cultivation of business development. A pioneer from Seattle in the field of web software development and business plan writing, Bob is first and foremost a lifelong student of mathematics and philosophy. Aside from his daily activities with Prospectus, he is an often sought after technology consultant. Bob volunteers with non-profits in his spare time.

Sam Goldberg

COO | Chief Operating Officer

Sammy brings years of experience to Prospectus in private placement, capital acquisition and business consulting, including working in the public offerings and private issues such as Reg S and 144A, stock exchange listing services, real estate as well as the EB5 market. His expertise lies in commercial real estate and hi-tech financing and 144A offerings and private placements. He has negotiated private investment and venture term sheets of nearly $2.5 billion since joining the team in 2006. His keen insights into the various factors needed in order for entrepreneurs to procure capital have helped our company grow in both size and credibility. The CEO of, Paul, often characterizes Sammy as a ‘master negotiator’ and an ‘analytical genius’. He is an expert business plan writer and in addition to raising capital, Sammy specializes in corporate finance with a primary focus on the energy (oil and gas) industry, the health care sector and the commercial real estate market. Sam has worked on Wall Street for years in investment banking.

Peter Berkman

Legal | Counsel

Having more than 30 years experience across the securities industry, residential real-estate arena and private entrepreneurship, Peter provides clients with pragmatic guidance and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome in every engagement. Peter has helped guide clients worldwide with stock exchange and OTC listing services. Peter is based in Tampa, Florida and his firm website is via this link

J.D. Securities Law/Taxation/ Estate Planning


Jacob Berkman

Principal | Chief Architect

For over 20 years Jacob has operated as strategic advisory boutique firm to his clients. Jacob began his career as an options trader on the CBOE and then became a general partner of a NYSE and Amex specialist firm; roles that required constant filtering of information and profit-focused, thoughtful-decision making. Jacob later migrated to the world of business leadership and brand marketing, and has held leadership roles in various industries, including CEO of a public entertainment company best known for operating one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Jacob is a serial entrepreneur who, during the past ten years alone has been credited with jump starting and/or reinvigorating a cross-section of innovative and disruptive companies operating within the financial services, technology, professional services, media and consumer product silos. He is active in various philanthropic initiatives, including advising organizations focused on improving the lives of Service-Disabled Veterans and their families.


Nag Chettiar

Principal | India Securities

Nag oversees the day-to-day operations of Prospectus’s partners, and is in charge of the Company’s India divisions.  A pioneer in the field of web and software development investment, Nag is first and foremost a lifelong student of mathematics and coding.  Nag has worked with large international corporations within the area of Telecommunication, Health care and Banking. He has worked abroad as well, overseeing the establishment of new opportunities and managing applications in different areas, environments and cultures. Nag has solid experience in the development of many software-systems, as well as in team-management and project management, all of which lays a solid foundation for him to guide and support companies with their IT-projects and investments. He hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Steve Johnson

Team Leader | Business Development

Steve brings years of experience to Prospectus in business plan writing, prospectus drafting and private placement offering memorandum structuring. He excels in three specific areas: oil and gas (energy in general), real estate and hi tech as it relates to hedge fund and mutual fund offerings. Steve is currently in mode to develop various block chain technologies and how that will impact the entrepreneurial world and the everyday investor. When he is not busy with document preparation or networking he enjoys fly fishing and kayaking.

Ahmed Lotfy

Mid-East Leader | Strategic Officer

Ahmed is a consultant and financial journalist and investment writer with over a decade of solid expertise in the areas of financial news reporting, financial analysis, and creation of regulatory filings. He has served as Thomson Reuters’ finance correspondent for MENA region between 2011 and 2014. He currently works with in the capacity as our Middle East representative for private and public offering services, including assisting with writing services in areas such as investor relations, regulatory filings (equity markets), IPO prospectuses and private placement offerings, including annual reports, SEC 1-K and 10-K forms.

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